Tuwanek ratepayers association
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Mail to: 7617 Sechelt Inlet Road, Sechelt, B.C.   V0N 3A4
Board of Directors
President:  Linda Williams
Vice-President:  Mark Battersby
Secretary:  Wendy Morrison
Treasurer:  Pam Jackson
February 23 meeting minutes posted

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New Board Posted
NOTE: Address change - just the house number.
Web Volunteer is-
Waiting on the Board or someone to submit changes!
April 21/17

There have been appeals constantly since early 2015 by the volunteer webmaster for proper updating of the site (parts not updated since 2012). The TRA has responded several times saying they were going to submit ideas and updates but nothing has been submitted. It took 2 years and numerous reminders to get an updated membership form to post.

The volunteer webmaster takes pride in his efforts and this site reflects badly upon him. He emailed lots and gave a deadline to avoid a Home page notice like this - deadline April 21st.
UPDATE: March 30/17 FROM THE TRA -
We have somebody interested in the website and will be contacting you shortly about it. We will need you to advise us about options, but hope to have something to discuss soon.
In the meantime I will send an updated Membership Form.
And, of course the webmaster responded "Great. For options there is a complete redesign of the site if wanted - just for starters." but absolutly nothing further was heard (not even the membership form was sent). Then as a warning about the deadline the webmaster sent an email on Monday April 17th-: "Hello Linda, First the 21st is only 5 days away and I have heard nothing. You also say you will send the revised membership form but I sure did not get it."
Then Linda replied an hour later: "Hi Bob - Here is the revised membership form! We will have additional content fairly soon now." Needless to say the form was posted right away but nothing heard directly since.
The TRA is reporting to SCAF both by email and in person on April 18th. In the SCAF minutes for the 18th-"We now have a volunteer assisting with our new website. Beats me! Guess they have found somone to do a whole new site without me! OK, one less for me.

This awful notice can be deleted by the  TRA actually submitting material and working with the volunteer webmaster to upgrade and update the site - and keep it fairly current.